Thunderstorms, Tornado Watch, and Poetry! Oh My!

It’s a stormy night, and I’m in the mood for a light poem. Enjoy!

a periscope rises

from a trigonometric

matrix of cloud bluffs

a glass tunnel

looks down to see

a multiplex of stars


on colorless

water / water looks

downward intro-

spectively and sees * * * *

stars swimming * * *

in an interplanetary * *

system of longing *

My Goodnight Kiss Was…

Blonde Hyades

ascends singing,

time to say goodbye,

like Pavarotti

Night is on the lam; Cinderella flames

in V-formation & Dracula kiss-

es white sabers into

this décolletage

* of stars *


Stars: this coruscating

moiré of superimposed mol-


                like Her Her-

cules, they refract the


Shining Taurus

the musk ox

is hyaline like the wet

of a kiss,

Or like the metathesis

of wet, sea glass glim-

mer in

a moor of moire