People don’t commit evil deeds because of their religion; they commit evil deeds because of various underlying issues like untreated sociopathy, psycopathy, and trauma; impaired interpersonal relations, untreated psychosis, anger issues, bigotry, and brainwashing.

Anybody can be a so called Christian and:

  1. have a personality disorder
  2. struggle with substance abuse
  3. be inducted into a group with extreme ideology and hate propaganda
  4. be vulnerable

The result would be a messiah type terrorist blowing up cities of ‘sinners’ in the name of the holy Father. 

(i.e. f-ing everyone dies because: 

A. cleavage and pants on women times with long hair to the power of 

C.gayness🌈🐻💜 equals 

D. bad and die) 

About this homeland security thing. Yeah, there’s this thing called criminal profiling, Mr. Trump. You should leave that work to the feds. Oh yeah, you are a fed. Oops. 😐

There are so many wonderful Muslim people, like the sweet woman from Morroco who gives me a ride home after work. She believes in Allah, wears a hijab, and is the farthest thing from a terrorist I’ve ever seen. If she’s a terrorist, then so are the characters on Sesame Street, and so is fucking Mickey Mouse.

Like, her voice is like the sweetest thing and she has an adorable kid that she forced to say hi to me. I’m a stranger. I’ve had other people’s kids pimp slap me, so…

I say all this to say, we’ve got to get a grip on reality. Trump is an etreme xenophobe that needs ‘extreme vetting’ because he’s an extreme idiot. He’s afraid of anybody different from him. He can’t see all the good Muslim people bring to our country; or that every Muslim isn’t from the Middle East. 

Muslim’s are a rainbow: their Egyptian, African American, Pakistani; they’re anybody who believes.

You can’t keep love out. People will continue to love their gods, their families, their spouses, their holy scriptures, their mosques, and their America, and or countries of origin. All you can do is cause people unnecessary pain and suffering–temporarily. 

His fate is to be impeached. Soon this will be a nasty memory. Our next task will be to check Pence’s extreme right wing a**. 


Stay woke y’all. Pray for all the Muslim people. Pray for this world.


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