The Mummy’s Eye is an aqueous globule forged from champagne colored garnet stone. It’s chatoyant eye winkles under a continuum of gold sunlight; buoyant flecks of silver dust drift on the yellow air within this opulent tomb. Explorers have searched for King Tutankhamen’s enchanted thyrsus, now worth millions, for centuries.

Now, here in the ruined Atlantis of this magical mausoleum, I’ve discovered the holy grail of ancient artifacts. I reach a deeply tanned finger out to touch the ghostly scepter, all crusted in precious candy colored jewels. I touch the succulent Egyptian Eye as if it were a dripping forbidden fruit.

Suddenly, a gust of sparkling, wine colored wind bowls me over. The wind’s smell is musty, like old scrolls covered in downy soft mounds of lint, dust, and gems; as the wind dies, the smell is imbued with the dusky scent of wet, fresh roses.

I taste wine and honey on the air, and see the stellar constellations of the zodiac glowing on the tomb’s high ceiling.

Golden hieroglyphics form a mystical, golden helix in the air; suddenly, a regal form materializes before me: it’s King Tut, dripping in gold like an immortal honey comb.*


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