Here’s a fantastic playlist of songs selected by yours truly! These are some of my favorites, and will make a great addition to any playlist. Have a great memorial day weekend filled with BBQ, lemonade, tex-mex, fried plantains, and good music!

The Hit List:

1. How Much A Dollar Cost by Kendrick Lamar

2. The Black Bond by Nas

3. Green Aphrodisiac by Corinne Bailey Rae

4. I’d Give My Life For You by Marvin Gaye

5. Rude by MAGIC!

6. Stars Are Blind by Paris Hilton

7. Wait a Minute! by Willow

8. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – Remastered 2014 by Elton John

9. Lay There & Hate Me by Ben Harper And Relentless7 (a must hear!)

10. J’aime quand tu me mens by Yseult


P.S. if you have the music application Spotify, you can find this playlist by entering this blog post’s title into Spotify’s search engine.


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