I stand in the magic
mirror, dreaming,
and saying these
words to myself:


Little red gal with hair
like a stump full uh
Gran’ Daddy’s

Hair spun like
nigger-picked cotton

Red gal you’re so far from
Sugar Land, and there’s
no red riding hood
for you

Just tawny skin
brewed from black
swan feathers,
Appalachian soil,
and the pink veil
of oceans lapping
magical Haitian


You’ve got skin knit
from labyrinthine voodoo,
spirit water, and the velvety
cum of Gran’ Daddy

Yellow gal
all tented in a chrysalis
of self-hate,

(a metamorphic cove
all Goldie-locked
with neolithic
ancestral self-hatred)

can you make out–
like a passionate kiss–
the silhouette of
karmic freedom?

It’s deep in a hollar
as tar dark as antebellum,
silvery, lotus slave souls.


In the dark
lies your enchanted
church fan, fringed
in blood roses and
obsidian tassels;
it swats at balm
and lugubrious

In the pitch dark
lies your Sugar Land
sun, resting high and
fat and Goldy-locked
over lynching trees;

In the umber of these
large, red mapples,
blood and sunshine
makes your
into a
niggery tonic
of pinkened,
sour, sulfuric
soul-fire and petals.

You dig for the sword to
thrash it all to death:
this magic mirror
that makes you an ape
instead of a man;

This long, painful
collective memory
that has become
a dark Middle Passage
in the Gothic bible
of your subconscious

It is a red text
that you overcome in one
fell swoop of thought:

I am beautiful, and my
people are too. We
are not for sale anymore.

It’s like a bad dream
that you’re continuously
waking from,

Like a bought of
holy, poly-generational

With every poem,
surviving is less like
surving, and the mirror
of thought is a little
kinder to you.


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