Hey, you wonderful reader! Tonight’s all about revealing juicy, all new developments in the fictional realm of my story, The Time Thief.

As you know, building a story from the ground up can be tenuous (and thrilling! Oh, the wordsmithian thrill! Yes, I just made a word up. Call Merriam Webster and tell them I did it. Tell them I said, “Kill…Bill. Baby.”)

Anyhow, off to the races! On with the show, and myriad other clichés on inception. Warning: excitement and multiple POV’s up ahead!

Frontal Nudity: Character Reveal!

Up first is a (sexy) character prototype. Ooh la la! Try him on for size.

The Librarian: Your name is Heathcoat. You are a wealthy business tycoon of noble blood. You are from the Victorian Era. You have a catacomb like library; it’s steeped in cobwebs of shadow. You have remarkable beauty, and a sumptuous love interest in the brainy, ash blonde ‘nymph’ Heather Tingston—but you only find solace in books. You’ve searched countless tomes for The Answer—but you can’t find it.

Quest: Your quest is History. You’re In Search of Lost Time. Maybe the meaning to your dreary life is buried in the sands of erstwhile ages. Find out.

Physical Appearance: You are a British man. You wear a monocle and have big, sad amber eyes. Your shiny red mustache is curled to look like handlebars. You wear dark, rich colors; have manicured nails; and dress impeccably. You frown a lot, and always have déjà vu after checking your mysterious pocket watch.

Was that too much chemical X (rated) for ya? Ha ha. Was that too much ha-ha-hotness. Okay, I’m done. I’m done. I’m having way too much fun. : P

Late Night Apparitions

If you read chapter 1 of The Time Thief, you’ve probably met the ghostly Zed. Here’s a glimpse of the blueprints for her physical features:

In the mirror she is dressing quickly. Zed is tangling herself in a skinny, leather trousers. She is fitting her black The Beatles tee over metaphysical angel wings. She is stuffing her diaphanous mermaid tail into dark pants. Invisible webs of integument are scintillating between her toes. She is looking at herself.

In the infinity pool of her reflection she is seeing: a medium height Chinese girl, age seventeen. She is albino, and her arctic white hair is falling to her hips. Half of her head is shaven. She is putting on tiny earrings with beer can charms. She has never had an alcoholic beverage before. She is rimming her pallid blue eyes in gel eyeliner. Her hands are shaking, struggling to achieve the perfect cat eye. She is frowning.

Keep in mind that the mysterious Zed is both emotionally turbulent and brainy.

The Chest of (Be)Wares

Every story needs game changers. Here are a special sneak peek at some of mine:

*Romeo’s Phial: Mere mortal death comes to all. At least yours can be sweet. But take heed, what’s to be done can’t be undone. And what’s more, the Cimmerian apothecary might have concocted a non-lethal dose of the phial’s contents. You may come away from this alive, but permanently altered. Use at your own risk.

And there’s more! The story blueprints may feature steam powered treks into parallel universes, time machines, and hot Victorian men! There may be cool kids, high school dances, and major league crushes!  There’s so much more juiciness waiting for you! So, stay tuned for you next sneak peek into the Time Lab.

Happy almost hump day!


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